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22.02.2017 Omar Saber

Love it.

17.02.2017 Falcon Eyes96

O o

15.02.2017 victor170769

Please tell me who is the actress in fishnets at ?

14.02.2017 Stojanbugarin

Hello, have you seen h x muscle monster? Google it you will find out about the serious crimes we commit against ourselves. With h x muscle monster, you will discover how to get ripped fast.

12.02.2017 smooth line

Q ago aki staba bndo porno

11.02.2017 JMaggot69

Raping the replay button

09.02.2017 Jagdish Bogal

Nice movie. Like it.

06.02.2017 Frank Martino

No one says a country that is black needs more diversity. No one says a country that is asian needs more diversity. No one says a country that is oriental needs more diversity. They are already diverse. All white countries and only white countries always need to be more diverse. White countries only stop needing to be more diverse when there are no white people left in them. Diversity is a codeword for white genocide.

03.02.2017 sakiron nada

I see your point and find it interesting. Still you disqualified for an open minded discussion for reasons revanchist approach, you see the bad impact on whites instead of the good impacts for other cultures totalitarian facts. Quoting figures all white countries exposes you thing in extremes. Superficial knowledge. Without relevant sources your comment just is an other piece of cracker barrel steam in the internet bests sakiron

02.02.2017 Cathy L

You re an idiot.

01.02.2017 Frank Martino

Are you justifying white genocide? If all and only black countries in opened their borders and let hundreds of millions of non blacks into their countries, and then years later, blacks are expected to be minorities in the countries that let non blacks in thats not done by accident. Its obviously a plan to wipe out the black race. Aka genocide. This is whats been done to my people, white people. Its genocide. Anti racist is a code word for anti white.

30.01.2017 Lauxin666

Asian and oriental are the same thing. But yeah what you re saying is pretty accurate

28.01.2017 Frank Martino

So you re saying that race doesn t exist, so my people s countries must be flooded with millions of non white immigrants, which are then force assimilated until my people become minorities. Nobody is doing that to blacks in africa. Nobody is doing that to asians in asia. Nobody is doing that to muslims in the middle east. You anti whites only ever argue for this to be done to all only white countries. This is genocide of my people. Anti racist is a codeword for anti white.

27.01.2017 Mykie Howell

Dun dun duuuuunnnnnn

25.01.2017 Survivor1947

Marijuana joe. Who is the model actress on the chair?

24.01.2017 Isaac

This is so boring how does this make it interesting to people. This is boring and stupid.

22.01.2017 Righteous Anger

You re a hoe.

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